A poem by Ann Finch

[New City Magazine – October 2021, page 23]

You opened our eyes.
Through your eyes we saw it.
Across millions of light years
Deep time and deep space.
The past reappears
And we who are stardust
Waken and wonder
From where did we come
Ever moving, ever changing
The galaxies shift
Stars are born and stars die.
The imploding star scatters
Its seeds of new galaxies
Out into space.
Birth and death, death and birth,
Are they the same then?
The secret of life?
Once, long ago
A wise man said, “Only
Bach’s music has power
To carry Earth’s music
Out into deep space.
On this night, in its beauty,
The notes, it seems mingle
Bach as one with the Spheres.
And the message was simple
“Know now and forever
We are one.  We are one.”

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