From January 2023, New City will no longer publish the index of the previous year in the printed magazine. Instead past editions are available online at
To date readers can access past copies of the magazine online all the way back to 2013! This is work in progress as we hope to make older editions available later.

Go to and click on ‘Magazine’ on top menu. The magazine section provides these choices:

  • Reading the current magazine
  • Reading single online articles, posted occasionally, which you can share on social media
  • Find a ‘Previous Edition’ of the magazine
  • Making a new subscription to the paper version or just renewing your existing subscription
  • There is always the opportunity to make a donation to support our work (this button is located in the footer area).

Searching the magazine:

When you select the ‘Previous Editions’, on the top of that page immediately below the dark blue headings, there is a search tool. Use it to find favourite articles or explore topics which interest you.

Happy browsing!

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