HombreMundo – a life-changing experience
Innocent Muwonge, Joe Rawcliffe, and Susie Spencer report on their amazing experience with other young people from GB and Ireland who took part in an international workshop in Serbia and Romania. ‘One thing which has changed in me and which I will put into practice is to see others with new eyes…’


Dialogue in Marienkroon
Helen Copeland reports on the first ‘Mini Assembly’ of the new Focolare zone of Western Europe, held in June 2017 at Marienkroon, in the Netherlands.


Compete with him in fidelity
‘He never fails to be there. In fact, just when everyone else disappears, that is the moment when he appears.’ – by Chiara Lubich


Word of Life – October 2017
Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus (Phil. 2: 5).
We can imitate Jesus precisely in what lies closest to his heart: love for others. If we do so, we will be truly blessed.


U2 – A struggle for love
As part of the Treasures from the Past series, Sally McAllister chooses a revealing interview that Karen Walker made in 1983 with a newly evolving rock band from Ireland: U2 – now one of the most successful and influential rock bands in the world. Extracts taken from New City (October 1983)


Everyone has their difficulties
Elisabeth Öhlböck reflects on whether love comes naturally, or whether we learn to love.


Face2Face with Raymond Bronzwaer
Raymond Bronzwaer has been living in the Focolare in Tagaytay in the Philippines since January 2017. Anja Primbs met up with him in Tagaytay to find out how he has settled in to his new life there.


Earth Sky – Richard Long
Cathy Beer reviews the exhibition ‘Earth Sky’ by sculptor Richard Long at Houghton Hall. ‘My art is in the nature of things. I like the idea of making something from nothing. I can walk all day and sleep all night following an idea.’


A woman on a mission
Julie Taylor shares a way of cooking tasty meals for those who have difficulty in swallowing or digesting food.


Thoughts on a poetry competition
A short poem by Ann Finch



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