Page 3 – Editorial

Page 4 – Focolare

Report on sexual abuse
At the end of March the results of an independent investigation into the sexual abuse perpetrated by a former member of the Focolare, living in community in France were published. Paul Gateshill reports.


Page 6 – Ecumenism

Reconciling hope – a broken Church for a broken world
Sarah Finch reports on the Churches Together in England Forum held in Swanwick in March 2022.

Page 8 – Spirituality of unity

A dark yet luminous night
We continue to focus on key moments in the history of the Focolare. This month Fr Fabio Ciardi writes about a long period of darkness and uncertainty when Chiara Lubich was under Vatican scrutiny and removed from leadership of the movement.

Page 10 – Ecumenism

My ecumenical journey – Bishop Matti Repo
Joan Patricia Back interviewed bishop Matti Repo, who is a member of the coordinating group of the ecumenical meeting of bishops friends of the Focolare Movement and co-moderated the meeting last year in Rome. Since 2008, Dr Matti Repo is the bishop of the diocese of Tampere, the second oldest diocese in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Page 12 – Spirituality of unity

Word of Life – May 2022
I give you a new commandment, that you love one another (Jn 13: 34).
In an environment where mutual love is a living reality, we understand the meaning of our existence: we find the strength to go on in times of pain and suffering, we are supported in the inevitable difficulties of life, and we experience joy.

Page 14 – Word in action

Finding common ground
Readers share their experiences of trying to live the Word

Page 16 – Discoveries from the inside out

Learning from a Galaxy Darker Milk bar
In a new series Elisabeth Öhlböck explores how the spirituality of unity can help us to self-regulate our feelings and emotions and develop resilience.

Page 18 – Review

Come drink at the fount
Joan Patricia Back reviews Come drink at the fount by Fr Edmond Cullinan TOC

Page 19 – Review

Sanctuary – There must be somewhere
Paul Gateshill reviews a new anthology of ‘poems of safety and peril’ by Angela Graham and friends

Page 20 – Correspondence

Am I in the Church?
In response to Frank Johnson’s article on Synodality (Nic Innocent)

Page 21 – Meditation

Working in perfect communion
Chiara Lubich reflects upon the importance of putting our trust in God in the present moment.

Page 22 – Thoughts from the kitchen

Times they are a-changing
Mary Gateshill offers a delicious meal made of rhubarb and pork shoulder

Page 23 – Poetry and sudoku

I Believe
By David A. Campton

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