PAGE 3 – editorial

PAGE 4 – health

Generosity is contagious
Last month New City shared experiences of COVID-19 from South Korea. Here, Cathy Beer reports on how generosity is also spreading throughout the world.

PAGE 7 – word in action

An outpouring of love
On 15th March last year, 51 people were killed in the Mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. The memorial service this year commemorating the anniversary of the massacre was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are two experiences received from members of the Focolare community in New Zealand.

PAGE 10 – spirituality of unity

The effects of Jesus among us
We continue with the theme of the year on Jesus in the midst. Here Chiara Lubich describes some of the effects of the presence of Jesus among us.

PAGE 12 – spirituality of unity

Word of Life – May 2020
You have already been cleansed by the word I have spoken to you (Jn 15: 3)
Living the Word makes us step outside ourselves and meet our brothers and sisters with love, beginning with those nearest to us: in our families, in our cities and in every area of life. It enables us to create friendships that form a network of positive relationships, aiming at the fulfilment of the commandment of mutual love which builds fraternity.

PAGE 14 – meditation

Casting all our worries onto the Father
At this particular moment of global concern, the following meditation by Chiara Lubich is a helpful reminder to give everything to God, especially those things which cause us anxiety and worry.

PAGE 15 – story

May 2050
Walter Kostner shares an appropriate story for these times.

PAGE 17 – reflection

Do you want to be surprised?
Robbie Young reflects on why Artificial Intelligence can never really take the place of human beings.

PAGE 18 – reflection

The walking prayer
Paul Gateshill shares his experience of discovering the beauty of ‘walking prayer’ in this period of lockdown and social distancing.

PAGE 20 – family

Learning through play
Susannah Robbins, mother of three boys under the age of six, explores how learning through play is essential during this period of lockdown for young children.

PAGE 22 – thoughts from the kitchen

Healthy granola apple crumble
Christine Ashley shares her recipe for an apple crumble with a difference.

PAGE 23 – poetry + sudoku

What will we tell?
A short poetry by Susan Gately


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