A miracle of unity in Paris
Lorna Gold and James Buchanan were in Paris during the historic meeting on global warming in November 2015. They urge readers to welcome the extraordinary achievements enshrined within the agreement: ‘The signal has been sent out that the world is determined to tackle climate change – now the challenge is to implement it.’


Archie MacLullich – a life fulfilled by the Gospel
Mark DArcy celebrates the life of Archie MacLullich, one of the main pillars of the Focolare in Scotland. He died at the end of December 2015 in Edinburgh.


When unity is complete
A short meditation by Chiara Lubich


Dori Zamboni – born to heaven
Dori Zamboni was one of Chiara Lubich’s first companions at the start of the Focolare Movement in 1943 and was responsible for the movement in GB in the late 60s – early 1970s. She died in Rome in December 2015. Frank Johnson offers this brief profile of Dori’s life.


Word of Life – March 2016
The kingdom of God has come to you (Lk. 11: 20).
God’s kingdom is Jesus present among us. We experience this when we love one another. He is almighty and conquers every evil.


Everyone is a candidate for unity
The theme for the Focolare Movement this year is ‘Unity’. We continue this theme with extracts from a talk given by the President of the Focolare, Maria Voce to members of the Movement.


The brutality of travel
Padraic Gilligan uses the awesome backdrop of Skellig Michael to reflect on the issues surrounding tourism and travel: ‘We’re mere surface skaters and, in our efforts to cross another item off our list, we lose out substantially on what the great Italian author Cesare Pavese calls the “brutality” of travel’.


30 Pieces of Silver
Pat Kane reviews the work of London based artist Cornelia Parker.


What would your friends enjoy?
Elisabeth Öhlböck reflects on the importance of empathy in developing fulfilling and meaningful relationships.


Nautical nibbles
Thinking about sailing across the open seas? Then Matthew Diggle has just the recipe for you…


A Dialogue of Life
Jon Dal Din reviews a new book on Jewish-Christian dialogue by Silvina Chemen and Francisco Canzani.



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