PAGE 3 – editorial

PAGE 4 – dialogue

Us versus them
Brett Salkeld, from Canada, explores the complex area of conspiracy theories, which have multiplied particularly over the last two years.

PAGE 7 – mariapolis 2022

Invitations for 2 local Mariapoli
This summer there are two local Mariapoli in GB. People can choose which is the most convenient for them to attend.

PAGE 8 – spirituality of unity

The birth of New City
Oreste Paliotti recounts how the first Focolare magazine, Città Nuova was born during the first summer gatherings in the Dolomites.

PAGE 10 – word in action

Living for Ukraine
M. lives in the Focolare in Warsaw, Poland. She shares how she and members of the Focolare community have been welcoming refugees from the war in Ukraine.

PAGE 12 – spirituality of unity

Word of Life – June 2022
You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you (Ps 16[15]:2)
These words from the psalms will help us to trust in God and will train us to live with love. Always more united to God and filled with him, we will continually lay down the foundations of our true selves as beings made in his image.

PAGE 14 – reflection

Three is company
Robbie Young reflects on the mysterious nature of relationships.

PAGE 16 – discoveries from the inside out

Developing resilience
In part two of her new series, Elisabeth Öhlböck suggests strategies for building resilience in our often stressful modern world.

PAGE 18 – word in action

Storm in a teacup
Lesley Ellison shares an experience of how even the smallest disputes can disrupt the entire community.

PAGE 19 – correspondence

Dee Pizzo
A comment in response to Nic Innocent’s letter in May 2022 New City: ‘Am I in the Church?’

PAGE 20 – family

When time is at a premium
Susie Robbins gives tips to busy parents when trying to find precious time to play with their children.

PAGE 22 – thoughts from the kitchen

Sparkling elderflower wine
Uli Yeomans shares a delicious recipe for elderflower wine.

PAGE 23 – poetry and sudoku

Illumination of a joy filled day
By Jim Deeds

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