PAGE 3 – editorial

PAGE 4 – word in action

Building bridges during lockdown
Helen Copeland has been gathering experiences from members of the Focolare throughout GB during this period of lockdown.

PAGE 7 – word in action

The pandemic and beyond
Here are two experiences which readers from Malta sent us, about how they are living during the coronavirus pandemic

PAGE 9 – environment

Aqua fons vitae
Nino Puglisi unpacks a new document from the Roman Catholic Church: Aqua fons vitae (Water, source of life).

PAGE 10 – spirituality of unity

Jesus brings light, peace and strength
We continue with the theme of the year on Jesus in the midst. Here Chiara Lubich describes how the presence of Jesus among us gives us light, peace and the strength to overcome difficulties.

PAGE 12 – spirituality of unity

Word of Life – June 2020
Whoever welcomes you welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me (Mt. 10: 40)
The acceptance of the other person who may be very different from us lies at the basis of Christian love. It is the starting point, the first step in the construction of that civilization of love, of that culture of communion, to which Jesus calls us today.

PAGE 14 – profile

Unity, Unity – Fr Ed Grimes
Joan Patricia Back pays tribute to Fr Edward Grimes C.S.Sp, a great friend of the Focolare, who died of the coronavirus in April 2020

PAGE 15 – profile

Bishop John Dennis
Lesley Ellison pays tribute to Bishop John Dennis who died in April 2020. He was the first ‘Episcopal Guardian’ for the Anglican members of the Focolare.

PAGE 17 – correspondence

Dear New City
in response to Paul Campbell’s article entitled ‘The Truth Must be Faced’ regarding the abuse carried out by Jean Vanier, the founder of L’Arche. (See New City April 2020)

PAGE 18 – family

Play theory
Susannah Robbins continues to explore the importance of play for children’s development, especially in this period of lockdown and closed schools.

PAGE 20 – arts

Barbara Hepworth
Pat Kane explores the ‘Hospital Drawings’ made by Barbara Hepworth in the 1940s

PAGE 22 – thoughts from the kitchen

Rainbow cake
Julie Dickinson-Warren shares a wonderful rainbow cake to cheer up the family during lockdown

PAGE 23 – poetry + sudoku

In between
A short poetry by Susan Gately

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