page 3 – editorial

page 4 – economy

The Economy of Francesco
Paul Gateshill reports on an international online three-day conference for young economists and entrepreneurs.

page 6 – ecumenism

My ecumenical journey – Bishop Trevor Williams
The Rt Revd Trevor Williams, former Church of Ireland Bishop of Limerick, shares his ecumenical journey with Joan Back.

page 10 – spirituality of unity

A new communitarian spirituality
New City has chosen ‘A New Way’ as the theme of 2021. Each month Seamus Edwards explores the novelty of the Focolare charism of unity. To do this he has taken extracts from Chiara Lubich’s own description of this new communitarian spirituality.

page 12 – spirituality of unity

Word of Life – January 2021
Remain in my love: you will bear much fruit (Cf. Jn 15: 5-9)
Jesus invites us to be decisive in standing with him as we offer our lives as a gift to the Father. He suggests that we imitate him in gently meeting the needs of each person with whom we share a small or large part of our day. He asks us to do so with generosity and disinterest, in order to bear ‘much fruit’.

page 14 – family

Dare to Care – Caring for the world of the family
Rosaleen and Phil Spencer report on an international online event for families inspired by the Focolare spirituality of unity.

page 16 – view from the floor

The ‘beautiful things’ workshop
Lesley Ellison continues the series, based on her experiences of teaching in a Primary school.

page 17 – word in action

Give and it will be given to you
A reader shared her experiences of living the phrase from Luke’s Gospel: ‘Give and it will be given to you.’

page 18 – Index 2020

page 20 – arts

The return of the Return of the Little Prince
Sarah Finch and Paul Gateshill share their experience of making a short film for the ‘Economy of Francesco’

page 22 – thoughts from the kitchen

Embrace the unexpected
Uli Yeomans shares a delicious recipe for another Veganuary treat.

page 23 – poetry + sudoku

A short poem by David Buck

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