The family in a journeying Church (Part 1)
In this two part series, Jan Morovic looks at the processes which Pope Francis set in motion at the Synod on the Family. In this article Jan argues that the Roman Catholic Church is on a journey which demands a new style of debate which encourages a ‘mutual listening in which everyone has something to learn’.


You are your Churches!
Lesley Ellison reports on a remarkable annual encounter in Rome involving members of different churches during the last five years.


Who’s who? Part 6
This month, four more of our regular contributors to New City introduce themselves:
Lorna Gold, Nino Puglisi, Liz Taite, Sandy Bartus


Religions in the Global World
Susanne Jeppsson is a member of the Islamic Unity Society. She shares her personal experience of attending a summer school where forty Muslims and Christians deepened their understanding of interfaith dialogue, in which the goal was: ‘for a Muslim to become more Muslim, a Christian to become more Christian and for hearts to widen’.


Word of Life – January 2016
Called to proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord (see 1 Pet. 2: 9).
The huge multitude of Christians should be quite visible. But they are so divided that many people don’t notice them and so don’t see Jesus through them. Unity is the only sure way to proclaim God’s mighty acts.


Unity (Part1)
The theme for the Focolare Movement this year is ‘Unity’. Over the next few months New City will include extracts from a talk given by the President of the Focolare, Maria Voce to members of the Movement.


Robbie Young reflects on how hard it is to live with our mistakes and failures.

INDEX 2015


Madonna of the Apple
Pat Kane explores some of the pioneering work of Luca and Andrea della Robbia, with a particular focus on Luca della Robbia’s masterpiece: ‘Madonna of the Apple’. It was created between 1450-60 and can now be seen in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence.


The Snow Lady
Another winter’s tale from Cathy Beer to warm our hearts.


Austrian tea punch
Uli Yeomans has just the thing for warming a cold January evening.


Full Moon by PG Wodehouse
Loretta Hegarty recommends an old classic to cheer away the winter blues.

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