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Glimpses of Paradise

Eleanor Duncan shares her enthusiasm for New City’s latest publication.

[New City Magazine – May 2024, page 19]

Although this book is written to simplify the story of Chiara Lubich’s journey in becoming one with God, for younger audiences, it speaks to all ears that are ready to listen. Its childlike joyfulness and clarity allows Chiara to speak directly to the reader, as if she is speaking to a close friend. The book presents a narrative of the events that took place around the end of the Second World War in Northern Italy, where Chiara Lubich and her close friends experienced the love of God first hand and were shown glimpses of heaven. This accessible account allows the reader a very engaging account of this mystical experience, providing explanation where necessary while remaining completely uncondescending.
The book focuses on the time Chiara spent in the Dolomites with her friends in 1949. Each profound moment is written in a way that ensures the message goes straight to the reader, allowing all ages to be charmed and captivated by the story. As each chapter finishes the reader feels drawn into the next. The book gives a very genuine and appealing insight into the discoveries Chiara had in her relationship with the Trinity and Mary, as well as with Jesus forsaken and Jesus in the midst.
The clarity and youthfulness of the writing delivers the story perfectly, encapsulating the awe, wonder and love Chiara felt during this time. The reader is drawn into the beauty of these moments and sees everything – Chiara’s love for her friends, the beauty of the Dolomites, all of their joys and sufferings – through Chiara’s eyes. This re-telling of Chiara’s journey is also captured and expressed by charming watercolour illustrations throughout the book, sometimes even decorating the whole page, which perfectly communicate the tone and message of the story.
This stunning book allows younger audiences an accessible view to this world, but I would definitely recommend it to adult readers as it was a joy to connect to the world of the book and understand the simplicity of the message without the complications and analysis that are often added to address older audiences.


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