A short poem for April by Philomena Macdonald

[New City Magazine – April 2021, page 23]

Fullness of April

Late Spring
Mist of Green
Around trees on riverbank.
Two crows building a nest
At the intersection of high branches.
On my table
Small pot of garden flowers
Among them two daffodils
Sheathed tightly.
Will they ever blossom?
After two days in the hot atmosphere
Of the ward
They burst amazingly
Into glory,
Eloquent reminder of you
My darling son
Bringing me joy
Each day that you come
In your lunch time
Riding through the traffic
On your bike
Telling me of satisfaction
In your work,
Your disappointments and darkness
Sharing with me
Your dreams.
Last month you asked me
What you could give me
For Mother’s Day.
Each day is Mother’s Day
When you think of me
With love,
When you watch with me.
I said I would rather have something
Money couldn’t buy.
You wheeled me over
The suspension bridge
To the cathedral
Where I had the happiness
Of taking part in the celebration
Of the Eucharist.

 (30th April 1994)

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