PAGE 3 – editorial

PAGE 4 – profile

A beacon of hope
Frank Johnson tells the captivating story of Chiara Amirante, founder of the New Horizons community.

PAGE 8 – ecumenism

My ecumenical journey – Dr Bridget Nichols
Joan Back continues her series on ‘journeys in ecumenism’. This month we hear from Dr Bridget Nichols, Lecturer in Anglicanism and Liturgy, Church of Ireland Theological Institute, Dublin

PAGE 10 – spirituality of unity

Key points of the spirituality of unity
New City continues to explore the novelty of Focolare’s collective spirituality, as described by Chiara Lubich in her book ‘A New Way’.

PAGE 12 – spirituality of unity

Word of Life – February 2021
Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful (Lk. 6: 36).
This passage from scripture invites us to bring about a dramatic change in our lives. Every time we meet with a situation that could leave us feeling offended, instead of adopting an attitude of rejection, irrefutable judgement and revenge, we can choose to show forgiveness and mercy.

PAGE 14 – reflection

The need for hope
This article contains extracts from a talk given by Piero Pasolini in 1979 to a group of young people. Piero was a physicist and you can see evidence of this specialism throughout his reflection. Although the talk took place 42 years ago, he could have been speaking about the world today. He died two years later in 1981.

PAGE 16 – view from the floor

What’s an adverb?
Lesley Ellison continues her series, based on her experience of teaching in an inner city Primary school.

PAGE 18 – word in action

Words that matter
Readers share their experiences of trying to live the Word of Life during these difficult periods of lockdown.

PAGE 20 – dialogue

In the shadow of Gandhi
Roberto Catalano explores how Mahatma Gandhi lives on in India and throughout the world, with his message of nonviolence.

PAGE 22 – thoughts from the kitchen

Sweet potato and cannellini soup
Uli Yeomans shares another simple but delicious recipe to keep us warm and nourished during the month of February.

PAGE 23 – poetry + sudoku

Blue band
A short poem by Susan Gately

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