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  • The Pearl of the Gospel

    Chiara Lubich
    Jesus’s new commandment is one of the cardinal points of the Focolare Spirituality: ‘I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another’ (Jn 13:34). The new commandment is one of those wondrous gifts that Jesus ‘held hidden in his heart’ only to reveal them on the last day of his life on earth.
  • Neighbors

    Chiara Lubich
    The wisdom of this collection is remarkable. It is mystical and practical at the same time. Lubich says, ‘We can’t go to God alone, but we must go to him with our brothers and sisters, since he is the Father of us all.’ Each phrase from Lubich offers a new colour for the palette we use to love our neighbour, who is not an obstacle between us and God but a sacred archway through whom we come into God’s presence, and through whom God comes to us. Lubich sends us forth with a heart ready to love as Jesus loved.
  • Rays

    Chiara Lubich
    Each of us has a ray that burst forth from the Father’s heart when he spoke our name with the word Love. If we follow this ray, which is his will for us, we will become what we are in the mind of God from all eternity. It’s a matter of corresponding to his will, adhering to it, moment by moment, until the day when it will literally lead us back to the sun, to the Father.


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