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The Roots of Christian Mysticism

Third edition with Index


(5 customer reviews)

Clément’s masterly exposition of the mysticism of the Fathers, already regarded as a modern classic, is now in its third edition. “There are some books so good that all one wants to say is: ‘Go out, buy it and read it – it is marvellous’. So it is with this fine translation.”
Andrew Louth, Fairacres Chronicle

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By linking together a series of brilliantly chosen texts from the early centuries of the Church, the author lays bare the roots of the deeply mystical spirituality that has flourished among Christians throughout the ages. This is a book that will appeal to anyone who is interested in the field of spirituality; it is a masterly contribution to Christian scholarship.

“This book is intended not so much to popularize its subject as to make it known in the first place. Not only is Christianity something strange to people today, but it cannot even attract by its strangeness, because people are familiar with the distortions and caricatures of it which are constantly being hawked about. Therefore, in response to many requests, I have tried to allow the chief witnesses of the undivided Church to speak for themselves, to make audible the voice of Tradition, from which all the Churches spring and which alone enables them to share in an ‘ecumenism in time’, by recalling the experience in which they had their common origin.” (from the Introduction)

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About the Author

Olivier Clement is one of the foremost Orthodox theologians of the day. He teaches at the Institute of St. Sergius at Paris and is a member of the Ecumenical Institute founded by L’Institut Catholique. His many works, published in various languages, cover a wide range of subjects.

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5 reviews for The Roots of Christian Mysticism

  1. Andrew Louth, Fairacres Chronicle

    There are some books so good that all one wants to say is: go out, buy it and read it – it is marvellous! And so it is with this fine translation.

  2. John E Rotelle, O.S.A. Director Augustinian Heritage Institute, Villanova, PA

    The Roots of Christian Mysticism with its carefully selected texts from Christian tradition, east and west, demonstrates the constant thirst of the human being for the transcendent. Clement shows that our life is ever a mystical wonder.

  3. A.M. Allchin, Church Times

    A book of uncommon interest and importance.

  4. John Lawrence, The Tablet

    Without any forcing of the sense, the book makes the Fathers seem our contemporaries.

  5. jan.morovic

    The Roots of Christian Mysticism is a book I like to keep close. It contains great wisdom and beauty and even just opening it at random is a source of joy and an impetus to start again. Reading about the thoughts, actions and attitudes of the Fathers gives a sense both of being close to the roots of Christianity and of their ideas being fresh and directly relevant today. I recommend it highly!

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