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She Died She Lives


The story of an ordinary, yet remarkable girl, Maria Orsola Bussone, who died tragically at the age of 16. Her decision to live for God, amidst all the normal problems faced by teenagers: crushes, emotional ups and downs, disagreements with parents, had an amazing effect on her companions and on the small village where she lived.

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She was an ordinary girl, who died while still a teenager, but her impact on all who have come to know her has been immense. So, what is her remarkable appeal?
It made the author, who never met her while she was alive, begin a search for her. It has drawn many other people into the same search. Yet her story is simply of an Italian girl, a teenager much like any other. Not the sort of person to cause a great stir.
Perhaps the secret is in something she and her close-knit group of friends discovered. She was not an exceptional member of the group, but she lived out their discovery very intensely. They had found a new way of living, of searching for God together.
Maria Orsola’s struggle to live up to that, a struggle mostly with her own temperament, is recorded in the diaries and letters she left behind, and in the living memories of her family and friends. These are the basis upon which the book unravels its tale.

ISBN: 0904287300

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