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Sex Redeemed


The author’s understanding of sexuality is the fruit of years of intimate conversations with young people and married couples.

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Sex Redeemed is a striking and sometimes startling book. It presents a depth of understanding and a range of insights that can hardly fail to fascinate and be helpful to many people, particularly the young.

It was written after years of intimate conversations. Which is perhaps one reason for its qualities: sensitivity, openness, warmth, the awareness of human dignity, a clarity that occasionally takes your breath away, and a delightful freshness.

Sex Redeemed puts the gradual development to sexual maturity into a context that is at once deeply spiritual and profoundly human.

ISBN: 9780904287319

About the Author

Michel Pochet, architect, painter and French writer, specialized in youth issues. He currently leads the international art center ‘Centro Maria’, located in Rome.

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