15 Days of Prayer & Meditation

This popular series is perfect for those looking for an introduction to a particular spiritual guide or searching for gift ideas. Each volume contains a brief biography of the saint or spiritual leader introduced in that volume, a guide to creating a format for prayer and retreat, as well as 15 meditation sessions with focus points and reflection guides.

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For everyone

Simplified end illustrated books on the lives of saints

Spirituality for everyone is a popular series of spiritual classics by the saints and mystics. Sr Elizabeth Ruth Obbard introduces the reader to spiritual master pieces of the past through her very accessible prose and simple, yet beautiful illustrations. The first volume on the rule of St Benedict was composed and illustrated by the Benedictine sisters Goberna and Viňas.

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Saint Francis & Clare of Assisi

Translations of the complete set of early documents from Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi

The four-volume publication of Francis of Assisi: Early Documents is an indispensable resource for all who study Saint Francis and the religious communities and traditions he engendered. To facilitate this study among scholars, students and those simply interested in learning more about Saint Francis, the present collection of essays serves as an invaluable guide for the fertile theological and spiritual terrain of the Franciscan early documents.

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Saint Augustine

Works of Saint Augustine

In this series New City Press, in conjunction with the Augustinian Heritage Institute, will provide the complete works of Saint Augustine for the first time in the English language. New translations, introductions and notes are written by renowned Augustinian scholars.

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99 Sayings

Prayer and Meditation – 99 Sayings: ‘Words to Live By’

This series of fine gift books offers the inspirational words of well-known spiritual figures as well as proverbs from many cultures and traditions, exploring topics that have moved and will continue to move people’s hearts. Elegantly designed hardcover volumes, with ribbon.

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