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On Human Being


In this book of spiritual anthropology, the author of the much-acclaimed The Roots of Christian Mysticism shares his reflections on human nature, its challenges, problems, joys and fulfilment. The result is a treasure that will appeal to all those looking for a deeper meaning of what it is to be human.

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‘The well-known Orthodox author and professor of Eastern Christian spirituality in Paris, Olivier Clément, offers us an extremely important book. It should challenge both Orthodox and other Christians in the West not only to be open to the treasures of the traditions of the Christian East of old but, above all, to receive these traditions, expressed here in modern, existential terms, and through them enrich and revitalize the Churches at the dawn of new millennium and into the 21st century.’

George A. Maloney

ISBN 9780904287721

About the Author

Olivier Clement is one of the foremost Orthodox theologians of the day. He teaches at the Institute of St. Sergius at Paris and is a member of the Ecumenical Institute founded by L’Institut Catholique. His many works, published in various languages, cover a wide range of subjects.

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