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Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

The life of Domenico Mangano


Domenico Mangano lived his life in such a way as to communicate God’s love to all who crossed his path.


Domenico Mangano believed deeply in the love of God. He lived his life in such a way as to communicate God’s love to all who crossed his path – his family, his work colleagues, his clients and his fellow politicians. His was an extraordinary life lived out in ordinary, everyday circumstances. He saw in his relationship with every person a chance to bring about the unity which Jesus had prayed for.

Domenico was able to live to the full…  and he has transmitted his passion for unity to many, valuing every moment of daily life.’

Chiara Lubich

The pages of this book also reveal the depth of Domenico’s political commitment where he promotes the idea of loving the party of the other as one’s own.

ISBN: 9781905039425

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