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Living Together


In a world torn apart by conflict, the author, himself an experienced peace-maker, proposes some ways ahead in the complex world of international relations.


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We all yearn to live in a peaceful world and yet, wherever we live, we seem to be surrounded by conflict, violence and disharmony. Is there a solution? Can human beings live together in peace?
In this profound and enlightening analysis, Andrea Riccardi, an experienced peacemaker himself, offers some solutions to conflict, violence and disharmony. He does not propose simplistic solutions, nor does he advocate the building of ever stronger defences. ‘Fear is not the answer, nor fine sentiments,’ he says. The St Egidio Community, founded by Riccardi, played a crucial role in the peace process in Mozambique.

ISBN: 9781905039043


About the Author

Andrea Riccardi lectures in History the University Roma Tre; he is also founder of the St Egidio Community, a worldwide movement with some 50,000 members, best known for its engagement for peace and social justice. Notably, it played a crucial role in the peace process in Mozambique. Riccardi founded the community in 1968 in response to the Second Vatican Council.

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