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  • Orthodoxy

    Paul Evdokimov
    The appearance in 1965 of Orthodoxy, a masterpiece of synthesis, was a landmark in religious publishing and earned for its author a doctorate of theology from the Institut Saint-Serge in Paris. Paul Evdokimov here circumvents all scholastic theology on the one hand, and the traditional approach of the ‘Dogmatic’ theologians on the other, to develop an original synthesis of Orthodox theological thinking. Although he constantly quotes the Fathers, he does so creatively, so as not simply to repeat them, but to incarnate their spirit in our own time and for our future.
  • Leahy presents the movements as examples of the Church’s charismatic dimension, a principle which Pope John Paul II described as ‘co-essential’ with the hierarchical-institutional dimension.
  • An A to Z of Lourdes

    Nino Bucca
    This little encyclopaedia will help Lourdes to leave a deep and lasting impact on its many visitors.
  • Lourdes for Today and Tomorrow

    Jacques Perrier
    The Bishop of Lourdes offers his vision for the mission of the Shrine of Lourdes both now and in the years to come. It shows Lourdes to be much more than a place of Roman Catholic piety.  
  • You Are Peter

    Olivier Clement
    In his encyclical Ut unum sint, Pope John Paul II expressed a desire for common reflection on the exercise of papal primacy. In You Are Peter Olivier Clément gives us a fascinating and brilliant response to this request.
  • The Marian Profile

    Brendan Leahy
    At the dawn of the new millennium we notice with joy the emergence of the ‘Marian profile’ of the Church that summarizes the deepest contents of the conciliar renewal.


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