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  • This book with childlike straightforwardness takes the historical fact of an amazing experience that happened at the heart of the twentieth century. A story told by Jan Morovic and beautifully illustrated by Christiane Heinsdorff.
  • Doodlings & Doggerel

    David A. Campton
    Doodlings and Doggerel is a wonderful anthology of sixty poems, many of those are profound and personal reflections on scripture. David is a Methodist minister living in Belfast.
  • This collection of stories by Cathy Beer is both hilarious and surprisingly moving – not to mention delightfully illustrated by Duncan Harper. It’s a total gem of a book and will entertain both adults and children alike.
  • Chiara Lubich – Prophet of Unity

    Maurizio Gentilini
    This biography aims at presenting  Chiara Lubich's life and work from a ‘historical’ perspective, offering the reader a rich and well-documented development of facts, situations and experiences.
  • Crumbs for the Journey

    Peter S Paine
    These brief extracts chosen by Peter Paine, which have fed him on the journey of his life and sustained him in his Christian ministry, will also inspire the reader to find deeper purpose and meaning in their own life.
  • Gym for the Soul

    Jim Deeds
    Gym for the Soul is a book of poetry inspired by the quest to find God in the everyday nuts and bolts of life’s experiences. The title refers to workout, something we can do each day – a spiritual workout – if only we keep our eyes and ears open for God among us.
  • Moments to Remember

    Carol Ann Smith, Eugene F. Merz
    A faith perspective for reflecting on the experience of ageing, drawing especially upon the wisdom of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
  • Travelling Inwards

    Elizabeth Ruth Obbard
    The Interior Castle, also known as the Book of Mansions, is considered Teresa of Avila’s greatest and most mature explanation of the spiritual journey. For Teresa, growing spiritually is traveling inwards to the centre of our being where God dwells, yet too few set out with resolution to reach the Divine Presence.
  • Day by Day with St Francis

    Gianluigi Pasquale
    This collection of carefully selected passages from the Early Documents series of the Franciscan movement published by New City sets out a plan for meditation during the course of the year.
  • Introducing Julian

    Elizabeth Ruth Obbard
    This book, beautifully illustrated by the author herself, introduces Julian to a wider readership by setting her in her own time and place and giving a selection of illustrated readings from Revelations of Divine Love. It is a book that will provide many hours of fruitful reflection.
  • Life in God’s Now

    Elizabeth Ruth Obbard
    Jean Pierre de Caussade’s Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence for everyone, simplified and illustrated by Elizabeth Ruth Obbard.
  • The Prayers of Saint Francis

    Wolfgang Bader
    Francis experienced God’s presence in his heart and he expressed this intimate relationship in the prayers which have since become spiritual classics. This translation contains fifty-five of Francis’ most beautiful prayers, including The Canticles of Creatures, the Divine Praises and A Prayer for Assisi.
  • The Roots of Christian Mysticism

    Olivier Clement
    Clément’s masterly exposition of the mysticism of the Fathers, already regarded as a modern classic, is now in its third edition. “There are some books so good that all one wants to say is: ‘Go out, buy it and read it – it is marvellous’. So it is with this fine translation.” Andrew Louth, Fairacres Chronicle
  • The Cloud Of Unknowing For Everyone

    Elizabeth Ruth Obbard
    The author, herself a contemplative Carmelite, introduces the reader to this spiritual classic through her very accessible prose and simple, yet beautiful illustrations. Anyone who is attracted by the contemplative life, whilst living in the midst of our busy world, will find this little book a great help.


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