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  • Polly’s Little Kite

    Brain Maunder
    Little Kite is Polly's beautiful friend. When strong winds snap Little Kite's string, he is forced to endure a long dangerous journey and the cross becomes his only support. Polly’s Little Kite should be in the hands of every parent and teacher who wants to share with children the true meaning of love and the strength that comes from the cross.
  • Irene the Elephant

    Geraldine Guadagno
    Irene the elephant is a beautiful, evocative story for children about an oversized elephant who quite simply does not like herself. It's a great awakening at any age to feel that you are loved beyond measure...
  • The Gospel for Children

    John J. Piantedosi
    The Gospel for Children is exceptional in its quality, its theology, its presentation, its ability to touch children's hearts as well as their imaginations.
  • The World of GeeBee & W

    Walter Kostner
    The world of GB & W is full of wonder, simplicity and humor. With loveable clown-like faces, these two pals discover and uncover some of life’s most valuable lessons – all in a day’s play. DVD format
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