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  • The Roots of Christian Mysticism

    Olivier Clement
    Clément’s masterly exposition of the mysticism of the Fathers, already regarded as a modern classic, is now in its third edition. “There are some books so good that all one wants to say is: ‘Go out, buy it and read it – it is marvellous’. So it is with this fine translation.” Andrew Louth, Fairacres Chronicle
  • Essential Sermons

    Saint Augustine
    From Augustine's finest preaching, Fr. Doyle has selected over 70 sermons that represent a wide range of subjects, including God, Christ, sin, grace, conversion, martyrdom, sacraments, marriage, wealth, poverty, Christmas, Easter, and living the Christian life.
  • Commentaries on Psalms 1 to 32 by Saint Augustine. A translation for the 21st Century. Translation and notes by Maria Boulding, OSB, introduction by Michael Fiedrowicz, John E. Rotelle, OSA, editor. Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Commentaries on Psalms 1 to 32 by Saint Augustine. A translation for the 21st Century. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Augustine’s interpretation of the psalms aims to transform the songs of the old covenant into a “new song” (canticum novum). Exp. Ps 32,II,s.1,8.
  • The Trinity – Pt1/5 (PB)

    Saint Augustine
    In this classic work Augustine is engaged in a personal quest; he is ‘looking for God’, and of course inviting his readers to join him in the search. VIEW IN HARDBACK EDITION
  • You Are Peter

    Olivier Clement
    In his encyclical Ut unum sint, Pope John Paul II expressed a desire for common reflection on the exercise of papal primacy. In You Are Peter Olivier Clément gives us a fascinating and brilliant response to this request.
  • The Open Family

    G. Nardin
    The Open Family is about a vision, the vision of the early church. It is a vision that speaks to the struggles of today’s world where society and the family are deeply challenged.
  • The Beauty of the Eucharist

    Dennis J. Billy
    The early Christians understood the importance of the Eucharist as an essential element in the Christian life. The writings of the Church Fathers give witness to this fact, and in this fascinating book, the author leads to a deeper understanding of the Eucharist by examining what they have to say about it.
  • Orthodoxy

    Paul Evdokimov
    The appearance in 1965 of Orthodoxy, a masterpiece of synthesis, was a landmark in religious publishing and earned for its author a doctorate of theology from the Institut Saint-Serge in Paris. Paul Evdokimov here circumvents all scholastic theology on the one hand, and the traditional approach of the ‘Dogmatic’ theologians on the other, to develop an original synthesis of Orthodox theological thinking. Although he constantly quotes the Fathers, he does so creatively, so as not simply to repeat them, but to incarnate their spirit in our own time and for our future.
  • Gateway to Paradise

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. Basil the Great is one of the outstanding figures of the Eastern Church, an expert on spirituality. His writings have a universal appeal.
  • Born to New Life

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. Cyprian of Carthage lived in troubled times. His freshness and topicality are in part due to this, because his world, as ours, was characterized by restlessness, insecurity and injustice.
  • Promise of Good Things

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. The writings of the Apostolic Fathers were seen as almost equal to Scripture by the early Church. They can be seen as an authoritative source for the beliefs and traditions of Christian experience in its earliest and freshest form.
  • The Still Waters of Beauty

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. Augustine lived at the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West, when, as in our present day, many of the old certainties were challenged by events. A man of massive intellect and towering spirituality.
  • On Human Being

    Olivier Clement
    In this book of spiritual anthropology, the author of the much-acclaimed The Roots of Christian Mysticism shares his reflections on human nature, its challenges, problems, joys and fulfilment. The result is a treasure that will appeal to all those looking for a deeper meaning of what it is to be human.
  • This collection of carefully selected passages from the Fathers of the Church sets out a plan for meditation during the course of the year. It is a powerful tool by which we can make their discoveries our own. There is a theme for each month of the year and a reading for each day. Beatifully presented in hard back with an attractive full colour dust jacket, this book makes an ideal gift for anyone who values the things of the Spirit.
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