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  • A Season of Rebirth

    Marc Foley
    The reflections contained here invite us to ponder our lives and to open our listening hearts to the voice of God, so that our Lent can truly be a Lent in its deepest sense – a spring that buds forth new life.
  • The lectionary readings for the entire Christmas season come alive through the stories and reflections of popular author Megan McKenna. Her words show us how we can centre our lives on bringing justice and peace into the world while we wait for Jesus, the Son of God, to come among us.
  • An A to Z of Lourdes

    Nino Bucca
    This little encyclopaedia will help Lourdes to leave a deep and lasting impact on its many visitors.
  • An Introduction to the Abba School

    Chiara Lubich, Gerard Rosse, Giuseppe M. Zanghi, Hubertus Blaumeiser, Piero Coda
    The present book contains sustained reflections on the new theology and philosophy carried in the charism of unity, while pointing a direction for the new cosmology and for the various disciplines represented by the twenty-five scholars currently making up the Abba School.
  • Answer to the Pelagians I (HB)

    Saint Augustine
    This volume includes the following works: The Punishment and Forgiveness of Sins and the Baptism of Little Ones (De peccatorum meritis et remissione et de baptismo parvulorum), The Spirit and the Letter (De spiritu et littera), Nature and Grace (De natura et gratia), The Perfection of Human Righteousness (De perfectione justitiae hominis), The Deeds of Pelagius (De gestis Pelagii), The Grace of Christ and Original Sin (De gratia Christi et peccato originali), and The Nature and Origin of the Human Soul (De anima et ejus origine).
  • Answer to the Pelagians II (HB)

    Saint Augustine
    This volume contains three works of Saint Augustine of Hippo: Marriage and Desire (De nuptiis et concupiscentia); Answer to the Two Letters of the Pelagians (Contra duas epistulas Pelagianorum); and Answer to Julian (Contra Julianum).
  • Answer to the Pelagians III (HB)

    Saint Augustine
    This volume includes the work: Unfinished Work in Answer to Julian (Contra Julianum opus imperfectum).
  • Answer to the Pelagians IV (HB)

    Saint Augustine
    This volume includes four works: Grace and Free Choice (De gratia et libero arbitrio), Rebuke and Grace (De correptione et gratia), The Predestination of the Saints (De praedestinatione sanctorum), and The Gift of Perseverance (De dono perseverantiae).
  • Arianism and Other Heresies (HB)

    Saint Augustine
    Includes: Heresies, Memorandum to Augustine, To Orosius in Refutation of the Priscillianists and Origenists, Arian Sermon, Answer to an Arian Sermon, Debate with Maximinus, Answer to Maximinus, Answer to an Enemy of the Law and the Prophets.
  • Born to New Life

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. Cyprian of Carthage lived in troubled times. His freshness and topicality are in part due to this, because his world, as ours, was characterized by restlessness, insecurity and injustice.
  • Building Bridges

    Cardinal Francis Arinze
    Today, more and more people of different religions have the chance to meet. How should they interact with each other in order to foster mutual understanding and respect? What problems might this new world of dialogue create? Will it lead to compromising one’s faith? Cardinal Francis Arinze answers these and many other timely questions in this engaging and enlightening interview.
  • Catholic Social Teaching

    Theodor Herr
    This book deals with all the essentials of Catholic social teaching in a concise way, but without oversimplification.
  • Creating Communion

    John J. Markey
    A fresh and refreshing look at the meaning of “communion” in the documents of the Second Vatican Council. John Markey has laid out a bold and insightful theological vision of the Church that will help guide us.
  • Daniel – A Book for Troubling Times

    Alexander A. Di Lella
    As one of today’s foremost scholars on the Hebrew scriptures, the author will help you not only to understand the Book of Daniel, but to use it for prayer and in your everyday life.  
  • This collection of carefully selected passages from the Fathers of the Church sets out a plan for meditation during the course of the year. It is a powerful tool by which we can make their discoveries our own. There is a theme for each month of the year and a reading for each day. Beatifully presented in hard back with an attractive full colour dust jacket, this book makes an ideal gift for anyone who values the things of the Spirit.
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