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  • Enriched by the Other

    Callan Slipper
    This insightful guide explores Receptive Ecumenism, a discipline of mutual listening, learning and understanding that encourages deeper unity between denominations.
  • The Sun that Daily Rises

    Chiara Lubich
    The excerpts on the Eucharist from Chiara Lubich’s writings that are collected here reflect the deep union with God that she experienced both as an individual and as a living member of the Body of Christ which is the Church.
  • Is God Calling Me?

    Michel Pochet
    You will search far and wide to find anything which deals with the topic of vocation in such a deep, yet simple way.
  • Gateway to Paradise

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. Basil the Great is one of the outstanding figures of the Eastern Church, an expert on spirituality. His writings have a universal appeal.
  • Born to New Life

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. Cyprian of Carthage lived in troubled times. His freshness and topicality are in part due to this, because his world, as ours, was characterized by restlessness, insecurity and injustice.
  • Promise of Good Things

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. The writings of the Apostolic Fathers were seen as almost equal to Scripture by the early Church. They can be seen as an authoritative source for the beliefs and traditions of Christian experience in its earliest and freshest form.
  • The Still Waters of Beauty

    Oliver Davies
    This mini-series comprises four titles. Augustine lived at the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West, when, as in our present day, many of the old certainties were challenged by events. A man of massive intellect and towering spirituality.
  • His Mass and Ours

    Brendan Leahy
    Brendan Leahy offers this loving explanation of the dual dimension of the Mass – Christ’s gift and our existential participation, His action and our daily cooperation.
  • Living Evangelization

    Joan Mueller
    Joan Mueller challenges readers to evangelize the modern world by the way they live. She offers daily scriptural reflections on the gift of faith, conversion, Mary as a model of faith, and living evangelization.
  • Pope John Paul II referred to Mary as “Mother to all, and Mother forever.” The faithful know they can count on the heavenly Mother’s concern: Mary will never abandon them. By taking her into our own home as a supreme gift from the heart of the crucified Christ, we are assured a uniquely effective presence in the task of showing the world in every circumstance the fruitfulness of love and the authentic meaning of life.
  • Pathways to God

    Robert F. Morneau
    Baptism summons each Christian to a virtuous life. In this book, Robert F. Morneau helps readers to answer that call more completely by reflecting on the three great theological virtues. He has collected a month’s worth of daily reflections on faith, hope, and charity. Each week opens with a song or hymn that invites readers to proclaim their faith, followed by passages for meditation from a variety of poets, novelists, philosophers, and theologians. Each day’s entry concludes with a question and short prayer.
  • This little book offers many practical suggestions for implementing and strengthening spiritual ecumenism, the heart of all efforts to re-unite divided Christians. It is an invaluable aid for anyone interested in or committed to the restoration of Christian unity.
  • What Is Heaven Like?

    Morton Kelsey
    This work is a wonderful description of how Jesus started his ministry proclaiming that the kingdom of heaven is at hand now and eternally.
  • Pathways to Community

    Robert F. Morneau
    In Pathways to Community, well-known author Robert F. Morneau helps readers to focus on their relationships to others and to the larger society by offering a month worth of daily reflections on prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.
  • Mary the Transparency of God

    Chiara Lubich
    The pages of this beautiful reflection on Mary offer the reader a new vision of the mother of Jesus, and a new understanding of her role as a model for the Church and for individual Christians.
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