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  • Songs out of Silence

    Robert F. Morneau
    The passages contained in this book are the fruit of a life lived in contemplation, prayer, sacrifice and community living. They bring us back to what is essential in the spiritual life.  
  • Transformation in Prayer

    Jean Maalouf
    The author affirms that beyond the shallow ‘values’ of the everyday world lies true meaning which makes life fulfilling, ecstatic and liberating.  
  • Coming Together in Joy

    Stephen Liesenfeld
    Taken together, these sayings offer a concise summary of the main elements of Benedict’s teachings. They are a joy to read, satisfying the soul’s hunger and quenching the mind’s thirst.  
  • Meditations

    Chiara Lubich
    Already regarded by many as a modern spiritual classic, this new, revised edition of Meditations takes the reader into the heavenly way of thinking, so much so that it often produces a yearning, almost a homesickness, for heaven. Now in hardback with a ribbon page marker.  
  • This little book gives insights on peace from some of the greatest writers and thinkers of all times.
  • The Silence of Thomas

    Bruno Forte
    The author offers us the chance to taste something of the mysterious silence of Thomas shortly before his death. The beauty of the words in poetic form take us beyond the limitations of words and usher us into the silence where the Word speaks.  
  • Some things we only discover at night. During the daytime the stars are hidden, yet they are there. Every kind of pain is like a nightly visitor, who disturbs our peace. The thoughts and meditations in this book are an invitation to know how to receive this visitor whenever he happens to arrive.  
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