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  • These meditations invite you to reflect upon the courage and selflessness that imitate the spirit of Mary and that continue to draw people to the Marist life.
  • On Love

    Hugh Feiss
    This volume provides a magnificent point of entry into the fascinating diversity of Victorine authors, all of whom contributed in their own way to fresh thinking about love, human and divine.
  • Day by Day with St Francis

    Gianluigi Pasquale
    This collection of carefully selected passages from the Early Documents series of the Franciscan movement published by New City sets out a plan for meditation during the course of the year.
  • His Mass and Ours

    Brendan Leahy
    Brendan Leahy offers this loving explanation of the dual dimension of the Mass – Christ’s gift and our existential participation, His action and our daily cooperation.
  • Living Evangelization

    Joan Mueller
    Joan Mueller challenges readers to evangelize the modern world by the way they live. She offers daily scriptural reflections on the gift of faith, conversion, Mary as a model of faith, and living evangelization.
  • A Taste of Hildegard

    Elizabeth Ruth Obbard
    Hildegard of Bingen, newly declared Doctor of the Church, and a woman of such formidable accomplishments that one wonders if there was anything she did not master!
  • Seasons of the Soul

    Carla Mae Streeter
    The liturgy is about a relationship, and Sr. Carla Mae’s beautiful images, poetry and prose show how the liturgy is a means of deepening our relationship with God personally and as a worship community and how this is reflected in the liturgical seasons.
  • Neighbors

    Chiara Lubich
    The wisdom of this collection is remarkable. It is mystical and practical at the same time. Lubich says, ‘We can’t go to God alone, but we must go to him with our brothers and sisters, since he is the Father of us all.’ Each phrase from Lubich offers a new colour for the palette we use to love our neighbour, who is not an obstacle between us and God but a sacred archway through whom we come into God’s presence, and through whom God comes to us. Lubich sends us forth with a heart ready to love as Jesus loved.
  • Hugo's workbook is a proven resource that has guided people at all academic levels through a study of the life and writings of Saint Francis using primary sources in translation. This Second Edition is a thorough revision that includes new scholarship and new bibliographic references and is compatible with Francis of Assisi Early Documents.
  • Christian Rodembourg invites us to join with Fr. Eusebe-Henri Menard in a bold spiritual adventure rooted in Divine tenderness for our world. A renowned Franciscan preacher, Father Menard probed, charmed and inspired many young adults to join with him and follow Jesus to be leaven in the world around them – to be that Divine tenderness.
  • Introducing Julian

    Elizabeth Ruth Obbard
    This book, beautifully illustrated by the author herself, introduces Julian to a wider readership by setting her in her own time and place and giving a selection of illustrated readings from Revelations of Divine Love. It is a book that will provide many hours of fruitful reflection.
  • Living in the Gap

    Dennis J. Billy
    Fr. Billy points to the striking benefits and authentic renewal that embracing a spirituality of communion can bring to the life of men and women religious and their communities.
  • From Glory to Glory

    Rea McDonnell
    From Glory to Glory encourages scriptural/communal prayer. Texts are selected from the Gospel of John and the Letters of Paul.
  • God’s Word to Us

    Chiara Lubich
    These short reflections lead the reader into the very heart of the Good News, to the discovery of that Light which is ever ancient, ever new.
  • Model of Incarnate Love

    Màire O'Byrne
    This work examines Mary, particularly as she stood at the foot of the cross, as a model for participating in a Trinitarian life of communion.