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  • Stars and Tears

    Michel Pochet
    The author talks to the founder of the world wide Focolare Movement about its origins and development.
  • Diary 1964-65

    Chiara Lubich
    Written in the form of a diary, this book is a collection of the thoughts and reflections of Chiara Lubich during trips to North and South America, and Africa.
  • Sister Earth

    D. Helder Camara
    This book is a challenge to all to take up their own place in the world and to enter, with humility, into the school of God and the School of the Universe.
  • Journey to the Light

    Ann Finch
    This anthology offers special insights into the sufferings and joys we meet as we grow in maturity, whether as a result of passing years or of spiritual experience. The contributors range from Teresa of Avila to Mother Teresa, from Julian of Norwich to Teilhard de Chardin.
  • United in His Name

    Judit M. Povilus
    In United in His Name, a spiritual-dogmatic study, Povilus explores this central element of Matthew's gospel examining the new intuitions that have arisen from Chiara Lubich's charism of unity.
  • God who is Love

    Marisa Cerini
    This book contains a study of the rich wisdom and theological doctrine in the thoughts and writings of Chiara Lubich whose discovery of God as a God of love was fundamental to the foundation of the Focolare Movement.
  • The book brings us full circle in accounting for most of the scholarship on Giles of Viterbo during these some thirty years.
  • Wide as God’s Love

    Jane Osborn, Sr. Christine SLG
    The heart yearns for open spaces, for the infinity that can only be found in God. This collection from the Fairacres Chronicle shows how the life of prayer leads to the discovery of the very infinity that the heart craves.
  • Door Through Darkness

    Eileen Lyddon
    A book to aid anyone on the difficult and thrilling journey to God, and an intriguing and insightful study of the great Spanish mystic St John of the Cross.
  • An Introduction to the Abba School

    Chiara Lubich, Gerard Rosse, Giuseppe M. Zanghi, Hubertus Blaumeiser, Piero Coda
    The present book contains sustained reflections on the new theology and philosophy carried in the charism of unity, while pointing a direction for the new cosmology and for the various disciplines represented by the twenty-five scholars currently making up the Abba School.
  • That Your Joy May be Complete

    George A. Maloney
    Using his profound experience and acute insight, George Maloney offers a theological and scriptural basis for the often unaddressed subject of Christian joy. He draws from such sources as the early eastern mystics and reveals the treasure of joy that God wants to give to each and every one of us.
  • The Vanishing Root

    Maurus Green
    Maurus Green tells the story of Eddie McCaffrey, who suffered from Muscular Dystrophy, but who found a way to make his suffering into a source of life for himself and for many others.
  • The Love that comes from God

    Chiara Lubich
    The Love That Comes from God offers an attractive vision of the role of the family in today's world. Chiara Lubich addresses such themes as love, education, and prayer, showing how they shape the spiritual development of the family. This book is a valuable tool for families and those who minister to them.
  • This is the first in a three-volume set of carefully chosen gospel commentaries. It conveys a profound richness from a variety of experts.
  • On the Road to Perfection

    George A. Maloney
    Uniting his own expertise in Christian spirituality with the psychology of Carl Jung, Maloney hopes to correct the false image of the dehumanizing (and often unchristian) humility taught in the past. A lively view of what humility really means for the 21st-century Christian.
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