Europe – Which way?
In the run up to the UK referendum on its future in Europe on 23rd June, Frank Johnson examines why Britain has such a love-hate relationship with its neighbours. ‘One thing that has never emerged in the debate that has taken place in Britain regarding the EU is the idea of ‘a soul for Europe’”


Face2Face with Rev Martin King
Paul Gateshill interviewed Rev. Martin King, a retired Anglican priest who has a profound interest in science.


If we are united, Jesus is among us
A short meditation by Chiara Lubich.


A year of mercy
Pope Francis has called this year a ‘Jubilee Year of Mercy’. Elisabeth Öhlböck reflects on the nature of a love which is merciful. ‘He doesn’t want us to focus on a set of external behaviours. It is God’s limitless love for all humanity which he wants to re-establish as the foundation on which we build everything.’


Word of life – April 2016
Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me (Mt. 25: 40).
After having loved Jesus all day long in our brothers and sisters, we feel such a union with God when we pray in the evening! We have loved him in those around us and now we find him loving us!


The key to unity – Jesus Forsaken
We continue the theme of the year on unity. Here are further extracts from a talk given by the President of the Focolare, Maria Voce to members of the Movement.


The waiting game
Robbie Young reflects on the words of Anthony Doerr: ‘All your life you wait, and then it finally comes, and are you ready?’


Only wonder grasps anything
Nino Puglisi reflects on artwork depicting the Annunciation to explore the critical relationship between science and mystery. ‘For Mary, reality, with all its complexities, is first of all a joyful mystery to be contemplated rather than a problem to be solved. She dwells in the mystery and savours it.’


The Other
‘The Paradise of my Paradise.’ A short poem by Callan Slipper


We were deeply moved when our friends from the Islamic Unity Society (IUS) sent us this message and press release just before Lent.


A startling but simple starter
Cathy Beer moves from story-telling to recipes. Try reading this one to your children!


Faith and the Marvellous Progress of Science
Nino Puglisi recommends a new book on Science and Religion.
Available from New City: https://www.newcity.co.uk/books/faith-and-the-marvelous-progress-of-science/


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