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15 Days of Prayer with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Product Information

Author: André Dupleix, O.S.B.

This volume, 15 Days of Prayer With Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, will lead you, over a period of fifteen prayer sessions, to a place of prayer where a stronger relationship with God is possible.

Follow the footsteps of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Born the fourth child of a family of minor nobility and the great-nephew of Voltaire, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a well-respected scientist and a Jesuit priest who tirelessly pursued the connection between science and religion. He felt that "only through purity of heart, and not pure science, is one able... to discover, with certainty, a creator behind the forces of nature."

Seek Christ in all of creation. A mystic and visionary, Pierre's spirituality unites what seems to be contradictory experiences—intellect and adoration, science and religion, evolution and creation. Pierre believed that creation was not a single act, but a process that has never stopped; a great continuous gesture which spans across the totality of time; the universe is clay in the hands of the Creator, molded into the infinite possibilities that lay before us. Ultimately, it is here, with open hearts to the world around us, that we find the fundamental energy and the manifestation of God in the universe—love of Christ, love of neighbor, and love of all creation.

ISBN: 0764804902 - PB - pp 102


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